An 80's-themed 4 player co-operative arcade shooter roguelike. Born in the Rezzed 2013 gamejam, out on Steam Early Access June 4th 2014!

You can’t stop progress.That’s why we’ve been focusing on polishing up Tango Fiesta in many smaller ways for the EGX (Eurogamer Expo) next week!

We’ve added the ability to pick up items from a distance, we’ve been fixing the weapons and aiming, tweaking the AI, fixing pathfinding issues, adding tons of new rooms and content to the level generation for both Killionaire and Ghoul Squad, and plenty more! this week isn’t a public update week, though, so you’ll have to wait a little while longer.

Ghoul Squad has benefited from plenty of new rooms to generate levels from, with particular attention being paid to how they look as well as how they play.

That said, how much longer do you need to wait? Well because EGX is from next Thursday, we’re currently aiming to get next week’s build up early, on the Wednesday evening no less! It’s pretty exciting to be early, and even though it’s technically a short fortnight of development we’ve been trying to fix polish and add content fairly evenly across the whole game.

Who Wants To Be A Killionaire! New rooms, more grime, more fun, more Killionaires?!

Now I realise we said we’d be focusing on the online issues, but after bashing our skulls against a really stubborn bug for several days - and combined with the late confirmation of our appearance at EGX - meant that we had to be smart and use the days we had left to make sure Tango is as fun as possible for its public showing.

So, what’s next? Well, as soon as the Expo is over, we’re back into fixing that damn online lobby & hosting issue. We promise we will sort it out. Either that or it will kill us.

Until next time…



Do you want to play a game? Well now you can (with your friends) because there are tons of online multiplayer bug fixes, and this combined with general multiplayer polish are the focus of this week’s update!

We’ve been making sure we spend some serious time on fixing things that have been affecting the online multiplayer for some weeks now - since we’re almost done with new content we thought it was the perfect time! but we’re not resting easy. We’ve been making sure we keep the content coming down the line (see below for more) and adding more and more rooms to the level generator for the newest addition to our world set - Ghoul Squad. They should be more varied, fun and better looking than ever before!

Because it’s a dry week for screenshots, here are some fun bits and bobs we’ve been working on for future updates…

Gordon’s terrified of something… but what on earth could scare a big burly manly man like him?!

This is The General. He’s a new character specifically for the story mode, and is very early indeed. In fact all of the art shown here will be redone by Ewan as soon as he gets a chance!

John Strong nattering away. It’s so exciting to see all our heroes and villains come to life!

That’s right! We’re planning a full on story mode for the game, one which will be full of action, betrayal, the world in peril and (original!) cheesy one liners. It’s going to be daft, it won’t get in the way of the action, and with any luck it’ll be chock full of not only references and cheeky nods, but some actual emotion. Story is only ever good when there’s some truth behind it. Tango Fiesta’s story is all about being a hero.

We can’t wait to see what people think - but suffice to say we’re not going to release it half-finished because that’d spoil it all. We may well drop in something to test the systems behind the storyline in the wild, but it won’t be spoilerific!

Enough with the talk about the future though, here’s the full changelog for this fortnight’s update…


- Added 14 new rooms to level gen for Ghoul Squad

- Added explosive pumpkins to Ghoul Squad levels

- Added skulls on stakes to Ghoul Squad levels

- Added piles of skulls to Ghoul Squad levels


- Enemies are now using the pathfinder again correctly and navigating around levels, providing more interesting gameplay and challenge.

- Fixed issue where the gun wasn’t sitting in the correct location on the playercontroller (was over entire body)

- Fixed issue where guns weren’t always aiming in the correct direction

- Fixed issue where lobby chat wouldn’t appear/work for clients, if returning to the lobby from online gameplay.

- Fixed issue with incorrect weapon indexes being sent across the network in online weapon select

- Fixed issue where on confirmation of character, everyone elses character would be set to john strong

- Fixed arrow display issue with weapon select

- Fixed issue where lag, or potential crash, occurs in a rare case of killing enemies

- Fixed online pickup issue where clients would receive errors when a pickup is collected by anyone

- Fixed rare crash issue with the neutron napsack weaponry side effect (lightning chain)

- Fixed bug where game would potentially crash when joining an online game, and the lobby auto-refresh activates

- Fixed bug where the thrown weapon choice wasn’t being sent over the network when setting up players online

- Fixed bug with weapon select where you couldn’t re-confirm weaponry, if you back out of a choice and try to re-confirm


- Tweaked and polished the 40 or so existing rooms for Ghoul Squad

- Big performance and optimisation updates applied to the pathfinding system

- Updates to Enemy AI attack process

- Huge online performance and optimisation overhaul, specifically for pickups, enemies, bullets and objectives

- Updated the pipeline for hosting online games

- Increased interval duration for auto-refreshing the lobby browser


- We’ve made big progress to resolving the big repro-able hosting bug, around 90% fixed while discovering remaining edge cases. If clients exit a game in progress, the the host follows and the same player tries to rehost, the game doesn’t get set up. A different host is a good solution. the perfect solution is to reboot the game at the moment. Sorry!

- Full Game Loop broken. Currently there’s a REALLY weird pathfinding bug that’s preventing the game from doing what we call a Full Loop. In other words, when you’ve beaten the Ghoul Squad boss, and the game tries to load Island-1 on New Game +, it will fail to load. We’ve getting a fix done, but right now the best thing to do is to just exit the weapon select menu after beating Old Ramishar.

So, what’s next? We’re going to be focusing on multiplayer even more, squashing those last hideous bugs, introducing Bosses to the online co-op, making sure all the worlds and enemies work right too. And then… well that’s a surprise isn’t it!

Until next time, peace…



What’s the change?

Spilt Milk Studios are moving to a fortnightly update schedule for Tango Fiesta while we prepare for the game’s full launch. As of the start of this week we’ve moved to this new schedule, and are hard at work making the game everything we know it can be.

The current aim is to launch the game in - or just before - December of this year. Obviously this is prone to slippage but that’s what the team here and at Mastertronic are working towards right now.

Why are we moving to this new schedule?

When we started Tango Fiesta we projected features, timings and costs, and these things are inherently inaccurate. In their wonderful-ness, Mastertronic are some of the most sensible and understanding people working in games right now, and rather than beat us up about the fact that we ‘missed’ our promised end date, they recognise the game needs more work, and will benefit tremendously from an extension. Not only that, but they’re helping us out while we make Tango the best it can be, making our lives easier where they can and giving us the exposure the game needs when we judge it to be ready for that.

The initial scope was inaccurate because of unforeseen things like bugs, and systems that took longer to build than we thought (hello online multiplayer!). Also it’s down to some of our inexperience working together as a team. No doubt the fact that it’s our first game of this type had something to do with the inaccuracies in our estimates too, and despite being absolutely unashamedly proud o the progress we’ve made over the past 7 months, we just don’t feel Tango Fiesta as it stands is quite ready for sending out into the big wide world of v1.0.

It was always going to be a tight schedule, and the game (any game!) would benefit from a few more months of work, so we’re very fortunate to be getting that chance. Not to mention, some of the pressures of that weekly update schedule indirectly led to some of the slips that we’ve seen, so it’s going to be nice to have a little less stress and a little more time to think things through as we work towards the final release candidate.

How are we going to structure it?

We’re planning to spend a little less time every week on the game, because of various commitments (more on those below) but over the space of each fortnight we’ll be making the game better, les buggy, more fun and have more features - and hopefully you guys and gals will begin to see the result of all our hard work every second Friday.

This month we’re focusing on AI and online systems. We want to make sure everything working as intended in terms of enemy behaviour and design, and also to give the online stability and functionality issues our best shot. Part of this is down to team availability (again, see below) but mostly it’s because the online portion of the game has been ‘behind’ the offline for too long and we want to make a stand!

The following two months will be carrying on with other small systems we want to add (medals, storyline, that kind of thing), polishing up everything in the game so far (art tuning, audio balance, gameplay tweaking) and as mentioned earlier every second Friday dropping a really nice update on you guys. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

So then, those commitments we were talking about…

Those Commitments

As we’re being funded and published by a publisher, we’re being paid to work for all the time we put in to Tango Fiesta. As you may have seen in the news, a month ago Mastertronic almost had to call it quits as a business, but thanks to their strong leadership and some smart decisions, they’re fine now.

What that did mean, however, is that during the period before this we were looking at the schedule for Tango and thinking “umm, we’re not quite going to get it all in by the end of august…” but the team at Mastertronic were understandably prioritising getting their business in order and so the fine details of scheduling were relegated temporarily. Obviously with hindsight it’s because they were going to be fine with giving us a little extra budget, but at the time we were getting a bit worried!

Anyway, that all had a knock-on effect. All of us on Tango have rent to pay. We’re normal human beings like everyone else, and life can be expensive. We needed to make sure that we were all ok assuming the worst - and that meant securing work for after the end of August. We all managed to successfully do that in different ways, but what it means is the following:

Andrew J Smith (Project Lead): on Tango Fiesta ¾ of the time per week than he was before, working the rest of the time on a second opportunity with Andrew Roper.

Andrew Roper (Code): on Tango Fiesta ½  the time he was before. He’s managed to pick up some part time work on two other projects, one with Andrew J Smith

Ewan Brock (Art): for September, he’s on client work elsewhere. From the second week in October and for all of November, he’s with Tango Fiesta full time.

Gavin Harrison (Audio): no change, all good!

This all means that each fortnight we should be able to get the same amount of work done as we were in a single week previous to this change, but without the insane pressure of a weekly update so we’ll (hopefully) make fewer mistakes, introduce fewer bugs and basically do a better job of it all. Which is something we’re very happy about! It also means that, as the other opportunities come and go, this time we dedicate will fluctuate - but again I’ve stated the worst case above so if there are any changes to our time, it’ll be to put more on Tango than we initially thought.

Progress this week

So I should cover what we’ve done already since the start of September.

Well, we’ve entirely fixed the player weapon issues (aiming and drawing depth) so that they should all be hunky dory now, and we’ve also addressed some issues behind the scenes with our level editor which will allow us to create more content and new rooms for placement in each update we do.

First on the list is more Ghoul Squad stuff, then some extra Killionaire work. And finally we’ve also made some progress with a long-standing but not very obvious AI bug. Some people had noticed a lot of enemies had stopped roaming around… well now they do once more! We’re aware of an issue with pathfinding, and we’re half way to a fix.

What’s next?

We’re going to spend as much time as possible while Ewan’s away on the online, as I mentioned. We’re also keen to create new content for you and keep polishing with each fortnightly update though, so expect a few treats in each game update. We made sure Ewan had done a bit of extra work before he left so that we can implement some of that in his absence. We’ll see what happens!

Thanks for reading this really long and picture-less post. I’m sorry if you’re a bit disappointed that we’ve not got a weekly update this week, but I promise this is for the best. We’re working as hard as we can, and are not stopping until Tango Fiesta is the best co-op action game this side of Zelda Four Swords Adventures!

Yours devotedly,

the Tango Fiesta team

(Andrew, Andrew, Ewan & Gavin)



Welcome to our biggest update yet - update number 14!

6 new enemies to fight, a new boss to conquer and a brand new spooky world to do it all in! We promised you it’d be a big one, and we like to think we delivered!

The latest addition to Tango Fiesta - [i][b]Ghoul Squad[/b][/i] - sees your heroic adventures take a turn for the spooky as you fight your way through zombies and ghosts to defeat [b]Old Ramishar[/b], an evil spirit intent on merging the dark spirit world with our own. It won’t end well… for him!

Old Ramishar is a nasty piece of work, and will summon zombies to aid him!

We’ve not stopped there. With three tpyes of undead zombie, and three types of evil ghost to contend with, you’ll have your work cut out.


The Zombie is slow, tough, and claws at your flesh for the juicy brains inside!


The Bloat is slower, tougher, and even more hungry than the Zombie!


The Ghoul is fast and a real threat, still pretty hard to take down!


The Ghost is spits yucky ectoplasm at you from range. Fast but weak, they can move through scenery!


The Spectre is a bit bigger and likes to give you a goo-covered lick… but you really don’t want to let them!


The Revenant is a bit slower, but raises any ‘dead’ zombies within range… they can become very dangerous very quickly!

So how are you going to fight all of these new threats? Well we’ve got two killer new weapons for you to unlock and fight with!

Neutron Napsack

This bad boy is pure power - deal constant streams of damage, chain it across multiple enemies, but whatever you do - don’t cross the streams! Well… maybe try it just once?

Ghost Trap

Deploy with care - freezes anything in a radius on the spot for a few seconds… including you and your team mates!

Enough with the cool pictures, here’s the full changelog…


- Added Neutron Napsack to arsenal. Just don’t cross the streams in co-op!

- Added Ghost Trap to arsenal. Stop those bad guys in their tracks.

- Added unlock criteria for both weapons.

- Added Ghoul Squad! An entire new world for unlock. 3 levels and a Boss!

- Added new boss, Old Ramishar. RIP.

- Added Six new enemies

- Ghost, Spectre, Revenant

- Zombie, Bloat, Ghoul

- Added new environment sounds for GameShow & Ghoul Squad.

- Added new music for Ghoul Squad

- New rounds of sound-effects added

- Added chain lightning effect, as a side-effect of the Neutron Napsack

- Added new Gunshop sound effects and VO


- Fixed issue with Gordon not behaving correctly and unable to deal damage. The muppet.

- Fixed some odd collision issues with props that were occurring in rare cases.

- Fixed issue with Character select.

- Fixed sound issues with some of the weapons.


- Updated combat pipeline for bullet spawning and muzzle flashes.

- Accurate barrel positions for bullet spawning on all weapons.

- Enemy weapon balancing.

- Gun shop pricing information updated.

- Gun shop weapon statistics updated in purchase bubble.

- Reworked the weapon system to become more versatile, and to improve the overall pipeline.

- Updated level generation rooms for Coastal, Jungle and Gameshow.

- Updated Coastal & Gameshow music.

- Updated Boss Music for Commando & Gameshow.

- Updated graphics for Killionaire tile-sets and prop listings.

- Updates to sound-effects.

- Updated level select to handle new levels.

- Updated the gun-shop to an updated layout, and new weaponry.


- Weapons now display ‘over’ characters holding them regardless of angle of shot.

- Objective Arrows stay over dead Zombies, making the Enemies Remaining portion of gameplay slightly confusing during Ghoul Squad levels.

So, what’s next? One big change is afoot - we’re moving to a fortnightly update schedule for game content. We’ll be trying to keep up the weekly info-bursts, and next week’s will go into the whys-and-wherefores of the decision, but know this - Tango Fiesta is going from strength to strength! Can’t wait to see what you think of this week’s Ghoul Squad content. Tell us on twitter or in the comments!

See in you in hell….


Somewhere… somehow… someone’s going to pay. We just hope it’s not us.

A massive apology this week - we’re unable to release our weekly patch!

We were planning on dropping in so much great content, but a couple of crippling and very unexpected issues have meant we just don’t think we can release the update in its current - very untested - state.

I’ve done a video diary this week anyway seeing as I didn’t get a chance to last week (thanks Gamescom! Thanks broken PC’s!) and you can watch it above to see what we’ve been up to…


So what’s been plaguing us this week?

One issue has come about through our decision to update the weapon system. The aim (Get it? Aim!) was to make it more future proof, and allow us to be more generous/stronger/ better/faster with new weapons for you to play with in the future, and we just haven’t had the time to iron out all the wrinkles. Because the weapon system is used by the player, the enemies and some bosses, it would affect everyone all the time if we released it in a sub-par state, and that’s just not cool.

The main reason for this being unfinished is our second bug. Basically, the Mac build refused to work and we had to spend about two solid days figuring out why. It was a bit of a nightmare, but we had to do it because half of our dev team runs OSX, and they were unable to do any useful work without it. Not only that, but you guys running the game on what is already not-quite-parity with PC would have been very unhappy. So again, not releasing until that was fixed was paramount.

It has been fixed though, which is great but…

…this OSX build bug has done is mean we couldn’t polish the weapon system off properly, and again because it’s so integral, we don’t want to plop it in your lap without at least the amount of testing we do internally on other features.

What I’m hoping this means is that next week should be a bit of a bumper week - we’ve got lots done and very nearly ready to show in the downtime we’ve had, but it’s so frustrating because we just haven’t had the normal time we’d expect to implement it all to a satisfactory level.

I’m really gutted about this. It’s the first time we’ve simply said ‘no’ to our normal weekly schedule since we launched on Early Access 13 weeks ago, but we hope you’re all having fun playing as Dr Henk and throwing Molotov Cocktails around in the meantime.

Our sincerest apologies, and see you next week.