An 80's-themed 4 player co-operative arcade shooter roguelike. Born in the Rezzed 2013 gamejam, out on Steam Early Access June 4th 2014!

Welcome to our biggest update yet - update number 14!

6 new enemies to fight, a new boss to conquer and a brand new spooky world to do it all in! We promised you it’d be a big one, and we like to think we delivered!

The latest addition to Tango Fiesta - [i][b]Ghoul Squad[/b][/i] - sees your heroic adventures take a turn for the spooky as you fight your way through zombies and ghosts to defeat [b]Old Ramishar[/b], an evil spirit intent on merging the dark spirit world with our own. It won’t end well… for him!

Old Ramishar is a nasty piece of work, and will summon zombies to aid him!

We’ve not stopped there. With three tpyes of undead zombie, and three types of evil ghost to contend with, you’ll have your work cut out.


The Zombie is slow, tough, and claws at your flesh for the juicy brains inside!


The Bloat is slower, tougher, and even more hungry than the Zombie!


The Ghoul is fast and a real threat, still pretty hard to take down!


The Ghost is spits yucky ectoplasm at you from range. Fast but weak, they can move through scenery!


The Spectre is a bit bigger and likes to give you a goo-covered lick… but you really don’t want to let them!


The Revenant is a bit slower, but raises any ‘dead’ zombies within range… they can become very dangerous very quickly!

So how are you going to fight all of these new threats? Well we’ve got two killer new weapons for you to unlock and fight with!

Neutron Napsack

This bad boy is pure power - deal constant streams of damage, chain it across multiple enemies, but whatever you do - don’t cross the streams! Well… maybe try it just once?

Ghost Trap

Deploy with care - freezes anything in a radius on the spot for a few seconds… including you and your team mates!

Enough with the cool pictures, here’s the full changelog…


- Added Neutron Napsack to arsenal. Just don’t cross the streams in co-op!

- Added Ghost Trap to arsenal. Stop those bad guys in their tracks.

- Added unlock criteria for both weapons.

- Added Ghoul Squad! An entire new world for unlock. 3 levels and a Boss!

- Added new boss, Old Ramishar. RIP.

- Added Six new enemies

- Ghost, Spectre, Revenant

- Zombie, Bloat, Ghoul

- Added new environment sounds for GameShow & Ghoul Squad.

- Added new music for Ghoul Squad

- New rounds of sound-effects added

- Added chain lightning effect, as a side-effect of the Neutron Napsack

- Added new Gunshop sound effects and VO


- Fixed issue with Gordon not behaving correctly and unable to deal damage. The muppet.

- Fixed some odd collision issues with props that were occurring in rare cases.

- Fixed issue with Character select.

- Fixed sound issues with some of the weapons.


- Updated combat pipeline for bullet spawning and muzzle flashes.

- Accurate barrel positions for bullet spawning on all weapons.

- Enemy weapon balancing.

- Gun shop pricing information updated.

- Gun shop weapon statistics updated in purchase bubble.

- Reworked the weapon system to become more versatile, and to improve the overall pipeline.

- Updated level generation rooms for Coastal, Jungle and Gameshow.

- Updated Coastal & Gameshow music.

- Updated Boss Music for Commando & Gameshow.

- Updated graphics for Killionaire tile-sets and prop listings.

- Updates to sound-effects.

- Updated level select to handle new levels.

- Updated the gun-shop to an updated layout, and new weaponry.


- Weapons now display ‘over’ characters holding them regardless of angle of shot.

- Objective Arrows stay over dead Zombies, making the Enemies Remaining portion of gameplay slightly confusing during Ghoul Squad levels.

So, what’s next? One big change is afoot - we’re moving to a fortnightly update schedule for game content. We’ll be trying to keep up the weekly info-bursts, and next week’s will go into the whys-and-wherefores of the decision, but know this - Tango Fiesta is going from strength to strength! Can’t wait to see what you think of this week’s Ghoul Squad content. Tell us on twitter or in the comments!

See in you in hell….


Somewhere… somehow… someone’s going to pay. We just hope it’s not us.

A massive apology this week - we’re unable to release our weekly patch!

We were planning on dropping in so much great content, but a couple of crippling and very unexpected issues have meant we just don’t think we can release the update in its current - very untested - state.

I’ve done a video diary this week anyway seeing as I didn’t get a chance to last week (thanks Gamescom! Thanks broken PC’s!) and you can watch it above to see what we’ve been up to…


So what’s been plaguing us this week?

One issue has come about through our decision to update the weapon system. The aim (Get it? Aim!) was to make it more future proof, and allow us to be more generous/stronger/ better/faster with new weapons for you to play with in the future, and we just haven’t had the time to iron out all the wrinkles. Because the weapon system is used by the player, the enemies and some bosses, it would affect everyone all the time if we released it in a sub-par state, and that’s just not cool.

The main reason for this being unfinished is our second bug. Basically, the Mac build refused to work and we had to spend about two solid days figuring out why. It was a bit of a nightmare, but we had to do it because half of our dev team runs OSX, and they were unable to do any useful work without it. Not only that, but you guys running the game on what is already not-quite-parity with PC would have been very unhappy. So again, not releasing until that was fixed was paramount.

It has been fixed though, which is great but…

…this OSX build bug has done is mean we couldn’t polish the weapon system off properly, and again because it’s so integral, we don’t want to plop it in your lap without at least the amount of testing we do internally on other features.

What I’m hoping this means is that next week should be a bit of a bumper week - we’ve got lots done and very nearly ready to show in the downtime we’ve had, but it’s so frustrating because we just haven’t had the normal time we’d expect to implement it all to a satisfactory level.

I’m really gutted about this. It’s the first time we’ve simply said ‘no’ to our normal weekly schedule since we launched on Early Access 13 weeks ago, but we hope you’re all having fun playing as Dr Henk and throwing Molotov Cocktails around in the meantime.

Our sincerest apologies, and see you next week.


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We’re a machine! It’s what we do!

We’ve been hard at work this week, adding tons of fixes, tweaks and polish to the game. We’ve spent a considerable chunk of time working on general multiplayer online stability, there’s new music and sfx, and generally things have been tweaked and balanced to be even more fun than before.

Some of this is in response to the bugs we encountered in the Who Wants to Be a Killionaire? update, and others are in preparation for next week’s big update - more on that soon!

Mucking about with a mate - actually Stu our Producer at Mastertronic is Bionic Cop here

Sadly, though we’ve had a valiant effort (and are very very close indeed) we’ve still not solved the issue whereby players can’t join a hosted game if it’s the same host as last time. The best fix is to boot out of Tango and then back in - we’re so close, we nearly had it, but time waits for no man… let alone no goddamn weekly update :D

So what are these lovely changes that we’ve introduced - read on intrepid Tango Fiesta-nator!


- Added new boss fight music for Dutch Courage & Killionaire

- Added new weapon sound for Payne’s weaponry

- Network lobby listing now auto-refreshes every 2.5 seconds

- New error messages added to the network lobby browser, detailing why you were unable to join a lobby

- Added pagination to the leaderboards

- Added some leaderboard info to the base of the leaderboard


- Fixed issue being caused by Conchita spawning with the new weapons in Killionaire

- Fixed issue with the Mission Results splash screen not responding when restarting the game on mission failure

- Fixed issue with legacy save files conversion process causing the countdown to get stuck, and prevent levels being loaded

- Fixed issue with the Killionaires not being blocked by walls 

- Fixed issue where bosses would remain active on the mission results screen

- Fixed issue with the chainsaw not firing the sounds at the correct times

- Fixed bullet offsets for when the Killionaires use their respective weaponry

- Bosses now react correctly to specialised weaponry (Burner, Shocker, Dr Frosty)

- Fixed z-index on a number of props which were incorrectly flagged for z-adjustment

- Fixed issue with the wrong skin sometimes being set on spawn in Killionaire (wrong weapon shown)

- Fixed accuracy of arrows

- Fixed an issue which would sometimes occur when finishing a revive over online multiplayer.

- Fixed bug which was showing the wrong number of lobbies found in search results.

- Fixed issues which were being caused in the lobby search and host game options

- Fixed issue with Killionaire boss weapons not unlocking when defeating the relevant boss

- Fixed bug where bosses attacking each other could not kill each other, but would increase the score display

- Fixed rare occurence where the boss-fight would never complete, while playing in single player.

- Fixed missing backgrounds in the settings and leaderboards screens

- Fixed missing headers in character and weapon select

- Fixed missing background fade for control mapping

- Fixed spawn zone issues 

- Fixed bug with Killionaire bosses not triggering game-over state correctly when defeated

- Fixed bug with sounds that continue playing on death, during the Killionaire boss fights

- Fixed chainsaw sound from Lockjaw continuing after mission complete


- Updated Lockjaw’s behaviour

- Killionaire shotgunner weapon stats tweaked

- Direction arrows inner-bounds reduced to prevent UI overlap

- Direction arrows now rotate to point to the target

- Game debug info footprint reduced to prevent UI overlap

- Sound effects updated and tweaked

- New sound effects added for Snowflake & General Payne

- Updated password entry prompt in lobby selection

- Updated status messages for joining lobbies. Now also includes connection timeout bar when establishing a P2P connection

- Improved lobby failsafe management for joining a new lobby if previously being in a different one.

- Updated level-generator so that (once again) prop rooms can no longer overlap

- Updated level-generator to prevent bug which could cause props being loaded off of the placed tiles.

- Updated score values for each of the bosses.

More co-op fun!

EVEN MORE co-op fun!

And with that, we bid you adieu! Look out for news about our next planned update - it’s SCARILY exciting!



The brand new trailer for our latest content update to Tango Fiesta - Who Wants to Be a Killionaire? Out now on Steam!

So chuffed with how this content turned out - there’s plenty more polish to come!


The brand new trailer for our latest content update to Tango Fiesta - Who Wants to Be a Killionaire? Out now on Steam!