An 80's-themed 4 player co-operative arcade shooter roguelike. Born in the Rezzed 2013 gamejam, out on Steam Early Access June 4th 2014!


We’ve added a lot of great new stuff this week, and we hope you enjoy playing with it all. First and foremost, as we’ve been teasing, we’ve introduced a brand new playable character!

Meet Conchita!

She’s five feet three inches of pure dynamite!

This short-fused sister is about to explode, just as soon as you download the update and get playing! She’s our smallest character yet which means she’s light on her feet, nimble, quick, can sprint for ages and sure knows how to handle herself. She’s slightly more accurate and faster on the reload than her giant ‘roided up male counterparts, but this is all balanced by having less health and doing slightly less melee damage too.

Let us know if she’s your new favourite!

We’ve also spent some time overhauling the results screens so that’s a LOT closer to how we want it in the final game, and…. we’ve introduced a level select and a snazzy way to choose a level too! Feast your eyes on this hi-tech solution to your progression-related woes:

Can’t get more 80’s than VHS, baby!

We’ve also added some new multiplayer-only ‘secret’ objectives which should add a bit of back-stabbing-flavoured spice to your games.


- New Level select screen added post-character selection

- New playable character, Conchita, and matching UI!

- Two new bonus objective types for multiplayer

- Let Off Some Steam

- Double Cross

- Chance that these will activate on completing the 3rd objective in a level

- Added new sound sets for Conchita

- Added save file indicator for when the game is saving


- Mission results screen updated to become more dynamic

- Mission results screen updated to handle correct character choices

- Hero stats have been tweaked

- Updated Coastal music layers

- Props and tiles now react differently to explosions and bullets, on a prop dependent basis

- Updates to the Coastal and Jungle level room layouts and generation system


- Fixed weird offset that was occuring on Bionic Cop’s confirmation panel

- Fixes to the grenades

- Fixed issue with legacy save-files not converting correctly to newer formats

- Fixed issue where the number of times being downed in a level wasn’t been tracked correctly

Conchita’s also going to be the feature character (and has helped us prep for) next week’s update… Who Wants to Be a Killionaire! We’re hoping to introduce a whole new world of challenges, traps, enemies, bosses and weapons - let’s see how much we can do in just one week!

We’ll be back, and not just in a re-run…



The biggest addition to Tango Fiesta this week is something you’ve all been waiting for - a brand new Objective type, the Radio Mast! You’ll have to fight your way to it, and then shut it down - but haccking the damn thing triggers an alarm and enemies are called in from afar to protect this iron girder comms tower.

If you’re in co-op you’ll have to cover each other while the hacking takes place, but in singleplayer the challenge lies in making sure the area is clear and then choosing your moments to retaliate.

Speaking of co-op, if you’re playing locally you can now have new players dropping in at any point in the game, with full character and weapon select functionality too - twice the fun, half the hassle!

Of course we’ve not rested there! We’ve also added some new tricks and traps to make your heroics even more… heroic! Land mines now appear occasionally, and pose a threat to both you and your hapless foe. If you spot them in time, you can use them to your advantage… but be careful because they really pack a punch!



Not only that, but we’ve added explosive barrels, and those parked Jeeps you may spot around the place now do just what you’d expect - they explode!

We can’t wait to hear what you think in the forums and over on twitter, so let us know how these changes affect the game!



- Added Join in progress gameplay when offline (unstable online, we’re patching this in later)

- Added new objective type, the Radio tower.

- Added landmines into the game.

- New sound effects added into the game

- Explosive Barrels added

- Explosive jeeps added


- Music layers now activate over the level time-span, instead of all at once.

- Radio guy now plays a sound when calling in support

- Updated pause menu to allow drop-out when in local co-op

- You can now backout of weapon-selection in between worlds.

- Updated death animations for enemies

- SFX tweaks

- Environment explosions now damage props correctly

- ATK sprite updated

- Radio Towers & Radio Support now use legitimate spawn locations

- Changed parachute stance to new parachute anim


- General performance updates when playing online [client side]

- Fixed Miller artwork not being rendered correctly

- General fixes to the animation system, including fix for the feet not behaving properly

- Fixed ambient sounds being played in the wrong level

- Fixed hunter explosion not damaging the player

- Fixed the weight on the radio support, should no longer slide forever when killed.

Hopefully you enjoy it all!


Well, over the next fortnight we’ll be introducing content from our very own gladiatorial futuresport gameshow - Who Wants to Be a Killionaire! And of course, as with each new world we introduce, we’ll be giving you new bad guys to fight against, new weapons to fight with, and new characters to fight as!

Meet Conchita!

She’s a bad ass chick who gets caught up with John Strong when they’re both forced to compete in Who Wants to Be a Killionaire! she’s rough, she’s tough, and if you so much as look at her wrong, she’ll call your bluff.

And then, because I can’t resists, one more tease… with some context…

"Uplink underground, uplink underground. If you say that one more time, I’ll uplink your ass, and you’ll be underground!"

Don’t touch that dial!


I forgot to update this video here last week, so here’s last week’s diary!



Episode 2 of Series 2, this is our second patch video since launch, introducing a brand new boss as well as tons of tweaks to every gun and the combat system, various bug fixes and more. Have a watch!


We’ve added a brand new boss for the Jungle levels!

After working long and hard on tweaking combat and every single weapon in the game, plus various bug fixes, tweaks and community-suggested changes, we decided it was time to unleash Queen Yatcha on you wonderful lot!

Currently only available in singleplayer or local multiplayer (we’re still facing some troubles with all bosses in Online play), Yatcha Queen is from a race so damn ugly that they invented stealth suits! She’s too vain to use one though, so expect some other tricks up her sleeve!

We’re also aware that there is some kind of sneaky bug in Jungle that seems to occasionally affect the frame rate. We’re hunting it down right now, apologies for the issue but we didn’t want it to stop us from delivering on our weekly update promise!



- New audio sting at the start of boss fights

- Updated Boss Intros

- Added new particle systems

- Objective Destroyed Smoke

- Blood gib effects on enemy damage

- Aura effect for medkit and ammo pickups

- Explosion effects

- New Boss! Yatcha Queen, boss of the Jungle (offline only for now)

- New Boss UI showing boss name & Health bar

- You can now re-select your weapons after a boss fight, for the next world (Offline only for now)


- Increased the size of the Hunters in the jungle level.

- Updated spawn routine of the hunters

- Restarting a mission now takes you to the first stage of that world, instead of back to Coastal

- Modified accuracy and damage on Hunter weaponry

- Updated Weapons - New rates of fire and damage on almost every gun in the game

- Updated collision accuracy for bullets

- Increased speed of all player bullets, reduced lifespans

- Matrix 80 Accuracy reduced

- Gordon boss music updated

- Grenade radius and damage reduced.

- Grenade knockback increased

- SFX Tweaked

- Gordon’s Knife attacks now do less damage

- Restarting the game now restarts from the current world, not the game

- Updated level generation algorithms to be more optimal


- Fixed online movement collision

- Score display no longer resets between worlds

- Fixed mission intro prompt displaying wrong mission for Jungle 3

- Fixed issue where hunters weren’t being recycled correctly, causing them to get stuck

- Fixed objective huts in the jungle not changing art asset when destroyed.

- Fixed legs in the jungle, which would sometimes stay invisible when not in bushes.

- Fixed music playback issues

- Fixed hunters sometimes laughing forever before they die

- Fixed issue where enemies killed in the last stages of the previous levels would carry over into the next level, doing their best impression of strobe lighting

- Fixed issue with the camera zoom not resetting when breaking focus

- Fixed issue where level progression online would break

Known Issues:

- Bosses do not work online, we make the game skip them

- Clients seem not to have any HUd info other than objective- and player-arrows after the second level

- After Jungle-3, you will land back in the lobby. We’d love to say starting a new game from there work 100%, but it doesn’t. Give it a go though!

- Clients do not see chat in the Lobby on game-loop

We also had a few issues reported and updated with a Patch 6.5, containing the following fixes:

- Keyboard & mouse players can now interact with the inter-world level select screen without any issues, so you guys can all progress through the game properly now! - We’ve fixed smoke columns at destroyed objectives so it doesn’t linger into the next level. - Shotgunner Enemies were travelling at crazily high speeds once players progressed beyond Yatcha Queen and into the New Game Plus loop. Now fixed! Enemies still get harder on successive game loops, but are no longer doing impresions of The Flash.


The dev diaries are back! I chat what’s changed since our Early Access launch, show off some features with in-game footage from the latest patch, and stay long for a bit of a unique insight into the life of an indie.

I promise to keep these regular, hopefully once a week!