An 80's-themed 4 player co-operative arcade shooter roguelike. Born in the Rezzed 2013 gamejam, out on Steam Early Access June 4th 2014!


If I was to tell you we switched online SDK as well as reworking our entire menu system this week, you’d no doubt be all like “Surely you can’t be serious” and I’d be all like “Don’t call me Shirley.”

But it’s the truth! the biggest thing you’ll notice is, of course, the new front end. We’ve redone the entire thing from top to bottom and it’s looking fantastic even if I do say so myself. Clean, clear, a bit 80’s, a touch arcadey, but above all very Tango Fiesta indeed.

Dat splash screen!

This kind of spit and polish extends all the way to the character and weapon select screens which we’ve gone for a bit of a Top Trumps/collectible cards vibe. Retro yes, but also damn nice looking. We’ve changed how the stats are shown too, so make sure you get studying the differences between all the guns.

Dat collectible-card-style character select screen!

But the biggest thing for us is getting over the hump with the online functionality. We’ve solved two of the biggest bugs that were preventing people a) join reliably and b) host more than one game without rebooting the game. These are problems no longer, but in the process we’ve had to knock the actual gameplay back a few steps in online. All the features are still there, but the way we handle the packets is different now and needs plenty of work. Work we will get done sooner rather than later, but fair warning - it’s a bit of a mess in there at the moment!

A bit of explosive action… we’ve done a LOT over the last 3 weeks to improve the fundamentals. We hope you enjoy them tweaks!

For the usual big old list of work we’ve done this week, lay your eyes right here…


- Added new theme music

Thunder roll intro(!)

Let the game sit on the splash Title Screen for the full amazingness

Prepare yourselves for the album drop after launch!

- Added new Main Menu loop music

- Added new animated backgrounds for the menus

- Users can now choose any world or theme for online play.


- Fixed hosting bug where you were unable to host a new game, if you had previously hosted a game with other players in it

- Fixed numerous collision issues with gameplay and objectives

- Fixed input manager context-key detection when using different input methods

- Attract mode now delays when detecting mouse movement

- Game Volume is now set and activated [b]before[/b] the title music starts playing (no more blast-then-quiet if changed)


- Auto-refresh has now been disabled in lobby browser

It was redundant/borderline annoying with the new SDK

Still just hit ‘R’ to refresh manually

- SFX Settings and tweaks implemented

- SFX Files updated.

- Most music tracks in the game have been rebalanced, tweaked and added to:

Island theme

Island Boss theme

Jungle theme

Jungle Boss theme

Killionaire theme

- Bionic Cop stats have been rebalanced a little

- Entire overhaul of all the front-end (non-gameplay) UI in the game

- Attract mode videos now only play when on the entry splash screen

- Improved collision and physics. You no longer get stuck on the level boundaries.

- Lobby authentication & verification when joining lobbies streamlined.

- Character select is now improved with new assets and streamlined.

- Removed old steam SDK integration, and replaced with Ludosity Steamworks SDK.


- Keyboard and mouse gameplay is a bit temperamental at the moment, we’re working on a fix.

- Mac build is struggling with inputs on the menus. If anyone has any insight please do let us know on the forums!

- Client gameplay in online matches is very laggy and lossy. We’re working on it though!

- Player parachute/drop in at level start is broken (you can still play obvs!)

The next thing we’re doing is… well there’s more than one thing obviously. We’re implementing some story tech (and hopefully in the next update you’ll get a taster!), we’re prepping the final world’s content (it’s gonna be totally bionic!), and we’re fixing up the controls, MAC build and online functionality. It should be a [b]very[/b] different game in a fortnight’s time! f course if we get some serious progress made in enhancing the online gameplay we’ll drop the update early.

Wish us luck!


We want your suggestions and ideas for achievements! Drop them in this public doc, and share with your mates so we can get the best 80’s goodness! 


Dead or alive, you’re getting a patch next week!

I must apologise first, as we’re missing our promised fortnightly update today. That said, it’s for a very good reason, and we’re absolutely going to do our damndest to push the update early next week. Before Wednesday, for sure :D The reasons for this delay are twofold.

1 - We’ve taken the plunge and moved from our existing online SDK to what should turn out to be a much better one. This should fix the big bug we’ve all been having with hosting online games, plus make lots of things easier as we move towards release.

A closeup of the new Character and Weapon Select menu.

2 - We’ve been busy making sure we go over every asset in the game and polish it to a blinding sheen. We’ve started at the beginning, with the menus, and have got about 80% of the way in. Rather than spoil the effect by pushing a not-quite-finished new version of the menus, we thought we’d make sure it was all spot on and then blow you away.

Our shiny new menus!

More specifics on the work we’ve done this week is as follows:

Menu redux:

- Landing Page
- Main Menu
- Settings Menu
- Character Select menu
- Weapon Select menu

Online issues:

- Move to Ludosity framework from Community Express
- Hopefully fixed the lobby re-hosting bug! Yay!

So next week you’ll get an update. We promise. If we don’t, you can tell our mums. We’re that serious.




He wanted your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. Well, soon enough, you’ll be able to create your own!

We’ve been hard at work as per usual but on a slight tangent. We had a couple of days where it made sense to fix issues we saw at EGX, and then we also had a random day or two to fill before Ewan comes back (this Monday! Yay!) so we’ve partially implemented Steam Workshop support into Tango. We may not release it for a while yet, but you’ll eventually be able to edit and create your own playable characters to share with the world! You won’t be doing any stat tweaking - instead you’ll use our existing dudes and dudettes as a basis - but the look is entirely up to you!

This is Ewan. Isn’t he handsome.

The work we’ve done this week is as follows:

  • Menu & gameplay start (char select, level select) now accepts input from all 4 controllers

  • Fixed the revive bug where..

    • Bodies would start sliding off and flying everywhere when dead

    • Bodies would constantly flash

  • Attract Timer is now reset in level select when using thumbsticks

  • Camera tracking bugs when player dropping out are fixed

  • Level select tv screen appears on top of attract mode - FIXED

  • Bug where camera would not move in MP when player 2 dropped out and leaving P1 remaining

Is this the movie you most want to see us explore next?

So next week we kick off the final(?) phase of development. I think we’re aiming for three more actual updates between now and launch - one of them should include a new world to fight through, enemies to face, heroes to play as and weapons to play with. But that’s the thing - we don’t know which movie you most want to see the truth behind next. Let us know in the forums and on twitter!

G’bye for now!


You can’t stop progress.That’s why we’ve been focusing on polishing up Tango Fiesta in many smaller ways for the EGX (Eurogamer Expo) next week!

We’ve added the ability to pick up items from a distance, we’ve been fixing the weapons and aiming, tweaking the AI, fixing pathfinding issues, adding tons of new rooms and content to the level generation for both Killionaire and Ghoul Squad, and plenty more! this week isn’t a public update week, though, so you’ll have to wait a little while longer.

Ghoul Squad has benefited from plenty of new rooms to generate levels from, with particular attention being paid to how they look as well as how they play.

That said, how much longer do you need to wait? Well because EGX is from next Thursday, we’re currently aiming to get next week’s build up early, on the Wednesday evening no less! It’s pretty exciting to be early, and even though it’s technically a short fortnight of development we’ve been trying to fix polish and add content fairly evenly across the whole game.

Who Wants To Be A Killionaire! New rooms, more grime, more fun, more Killionaires?!

Now I realise we said we’d be focusing on the online issues, but after bashing our skulls against a really stubborn bug for several days - and combined with the late confirmation of our appearance at EGX - meant that we had to be smart and use the days we had left to make sure Tango is as fun as possible for its public showing.

So, what’s next? Well, as soon as the Expo is over, we’re back into fixing that damn online lobby & hosting issue. We promise we will sort it out. Either that or it will kill us.

Until next time…



Do you want to play a game? Well now you can (with your friends) because there are tons of online multiplayer bug fixes, and this combined with general multiplayer polish are the focus of this week’s update!

We’ve been making sure we spend some serious time on fixing things that have been affecting the online multiplayer for some weeks now - since we’re almost done with new content we thought it was the perfect time! but we’re not resting easy. We’ve been making sure we keep the content coming down the line (see below for more) and adding more and more rooms to the level generator for the newest addition to our world set - Ghoul Squad. They should be more varied, fun and better looking than ever before!

Because it’s a dry week for screenshots, here are some fun bits and bobs we’ve been working on for future updates…

Gordon’s terrified of something… but what on earth could scare a big burly manly man like him?!

This is The General. He’s a new character specifically for the story mode, and is very early indeed. In fact all of the art shown here will be redone by Ewan as soon as he gets a chance!

John Strong nattering away. It’s so exciting to see all our heroes and villains come to life!

That’s right! We’re planning a full on story mode for the game, one which will be full of action, betrayal, the world in peril and (original!) cheesy one liners. It’s going to be daft, it won’t get in the way of the action, and with any luck it’ll be chock full of not only references and cheeky nods, but some actual emotion. Story is only ever good when there’s some truth behind it. Tango Fiesta’s story is all about being a hero.

We can’t wait to see what people think - but suffice to say we’re not going to release it half-finished because that’d spoil it all. We may well drop in something to test the systems behind the storyline in the wild, but it won’t be spoilerific!

Enough with the talk about the future though, here’s the full changelog for this fortnight’s update…


- Added 14 new rooms to level gen for Ghoul Squad

- Added explosive pumpkins to Ghoul Squad levels

- Added skulls on stakes to Ghoul Squad levels

- Added piles of skulls to Ghoul Squad levels


- Enemies are now using the pathfinder again correctly and navigating around levels, providing more interesting gameplay and challenge.

- Fixed issue where the gun wasn’t sitting in the correct location on the playercontroller (was over entire body)

- Fixed issue where guns weren’t always aiming in the correct direction

- Fixed issue where lobby chat wouldn’t appear/work for clients, if returning to the lobby from online gameplay.

- Fixed issue with incorrect weapon indexes being sent across the network in online weapon select

- Fixed issue where on confirmation of character, everyone elses character would be set to john strong

- Fixed arrow display issue with weapon select

- Fixed issue where lag, or potential crash, occurs in a rare case of killing enemies

- Fixed online pickup issue where clients would receive errors when a pickup is collected by anyone

- Fixed rare crash issue with the neutron napsack weaponry side effect (lightning chain)

- Fixed bug where game would potentially crash when joining an online game, and the lobby auto-refresh activates

- Fixed bug where the thrown weapon choice wasn’t being sent over the network when setting up players online

- Fixed bug with weapon select where you couldn’t re-confirm weaponry, if you back out of a choice and try to re-confirm


- Tweaked and polished the 40 or so existing rooms for Ghoul Squad

- Big performance and optimisation updates applied to the pathfinding system

- Updates to Enemy AI attack process

- Huge online performance and optimisation overhaul, specifically for pickups, enemies, bullets and objectives

- Updated the pipeline for hosting online games

- Increased interval duration for auto-refreshing the lobby browser


- We’ve made big progress to resolving the big repro-able hosting bug, around 90% fixed while discovering remaining edge cases. If clients exit a game in progress, the the host follows and the same player tries to rehost, the game doesn’t get set up. A different host is a good solution. the perfect solution is to reboot the game at the moment. Sorry!

- Full Game Loop broken. Currently there’s a REALLY weird pathfinding bug that’s preventing the game from doing what we call a Full Loop. In other words, when you’ve beaten the Ghoul Squad boss, and the game tries to load Island-1 on New Game +, it will fail to load. We’ve getting a fix done, but right now the best thing to do is to just exit the weapon select menu after beating Old Ramishar.

So, what’s next? We’re going to be focusing on multiplayer even more, squashing those last hideous bugs, introducing Bosses to the online co-op, making sure all the worlds and enemies work right too. And then… well that’s a surprise isn’t it!

Until next time, peace…